3 Important Steps to Take After Suffering an Animal Bite in Joliet

Whether you’re bitten by a dog or another animal, one of the very first things you should do is to clean the wound. You should also seek medical treatment as soon as possible to guard against infection. While these steps will help you take care of your health after an animal attack in Joliet, there are also things you should do to protect yourself from legal and financial perspectives.

Talk to the Animal’s Owner
Immediately after the attack, be sure to contact the owner of the animal. You should get their name and contact information in case you or your attorney need to contact them. If they have insurance that will cover your damages, be sure to get their insurance information as well.

Take Pictures of the Injury
You should also take pictures of your injuries to ensure you’ll have proof of your damages. It may be a good idea to get pictures of the wounds before and after they have been treated. Along with your medical records, the pictures will help you prove your claim.

File a Report with Animal Control
You should also report the animal attack in Joliet to the local animal control office to ensure an official investigation is started. By cooperating with animal control, you’ll verify that you really were injured by the attack. The completed report of the investigation will help back up your complaint.

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