3 Facts a Disability Lawyer in Greensboro Will Share With You

As you prepare to apply for disability benefits, the process may seem overwhelming. One of the most practical ways to proceed is to hire a disability lawyer in Greensboro who can provide the support you need. You can expect the lawyer to provide you with a few facts while helping prepare your claim. Here are a few examples.

One of the first things that the lawyer will tell you is that it’s not unusual for the first attempt at a claim to be rejected. Typically, the issue is a minor one that can be corrected. By choosing to work with a lawyer from the beginning, you have better odds of being approved without this type of delay.

Even so, be prepared for the claim to take some time to make it all the way through the system. There is no guaranteed time frame. In many cases, the goal is to make a decision about the claim in eight weeks or less. A number of factors can slow the process, so don’t depend on the approval happening according to some schedule.

Lastly, the disability lawyer in Greensboro will advise you that it’s often possible to make the benefits retroactive to the date of the original claim. If it is necessary to go through a hearing in order to be approved, you stand a good chance of receiving a lump sum to make up for the months that were spent waiting. From that point forward, you will receive the approved monthly benefit.

There are other things that a disability lawyer will be able to tell you. Take what you learn and use it to set your expectations. Doing so will make getting through this process a little easier. For more information, please visit Collins Price, PLLC today.

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