3 Considerations To Design Into Your Next San Jose Bathroom Remodeling Project

The focus on bathrooms has become more popular in recent years. Thanks to cable home renovation shows, we now know that a luxurious spa experience can be ours. In bathroom remodeling San Jose CA, however, there are three major considerations you should know before design begins.

1. Windows

While fans do remove the steam from a bathroom, they don’t prevent mold and mildew. Opening a window above the tub or in the shower does. It provides natural light for bathers to avoid slips and falls. Additionally, natural light boosts health and mood.

2. Two Inch Pipes

Almost all bathrooms use one and one quarter to one and one half inch drainage pipes. These clog easily with soap scum and hair. They drain slowly and can back up when another vessel is in use. Two inch pipes drain faster and don’t become clogged as easily as their narrower brethren. It costs the same to install and has benefits to your bathroom remodeling San Jose CA.

3. Lighting

Bathrooms hold those styling hair, donning makeup, and shaving. These are tasks for which good lighting is vital. Gone are the days of one overhead flush lighting fixture. Today’s bathrooms offer recessed cans for ambient light, lights in the shower for mood and safety, and task lighting around the mirror. Add a chandelier for a touch of elegance, and you have a bathroom in which you can see quite well to complete your tasks.

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