3 Benefits of Using a Surgery Expert Witness for Your Case

Filing a civil case with the courts for a medical issue where you suspect wrongdoing is an overwhelming task. You not only need to navigate the legal system, but also find experts who will support your case. Here are three reasons to use an expert witness for your civil lawsuit.

Surgery Expert Witnesses are Recognized by the Courts

Through a series of questions, attorneys in civil cases can have a witness deemed as an expert by the court. This recognition tends to make juries give more credibility to what these witnesses say compared to other witnesses in your case.

Expert Witnesses Specialize in Their Fields

Medical expert witnesses are considered specialists in their fields of medicine. For a surgery expert witness, the individual is considered knowledgeable about every aspect of surgical procedures, from the recommended treatment plan to the surgical techniques that are employed during the procedure and how any unexpected circumstances were managed.

Expert Witnesses Give Your Case Credibility

When you take the time to bring a surgery expert witness into your case, you are demonstrating to the court and jurors that you fully believe in the details of your case and the matters being considered. The testimony of expert witnesses in civil medical suits is often given more weight than other clinicians.

Where to Find a Surgical Expert Witness

Dr. Todd A. Lefkowitz dedicates his 30 years of experience to serving as an expert witness in cases involving surgical procedures. Contact him today to learn more about his credentials and discuss your case. You can also visit Todd A. Lefkowitz MD Expert Ophthalmology Witness.

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