3 Benefits of a Home Solar Power System in Hawaii

Solar technology has been around for many years, and a Solar Power System in Hawaii offers a reliable, free source of power for the home and many devices. However, many people are still uncertain of the benefits of solar power over other, non-renewable sources of energy. As homeowners weigh their options, they should consider these advantages of solar power from The Sonshine Solar Corp.

It Cuts Electric Bills

If a family faces rising utility bills, a solar power system can offer substantial cost savings while eliminating dependence on the utility company. These panels even work when it’s cloudy because the sun emits enough energy to penetrate the clouds. Solar power systems offer year-long savings and efficiency, even in cold climates. Depending on the system’s size, efficiency and the home’s position, some solar power systems can generate a surplus of electricity-;which can mean a $0 electric bill each month. In some cases, families may be able to get rebates for this extra electricity.

It Brings Tax Breaks

Solar panels are becoming more affordable for Hawaii homeowners through local, state and federal tax incentives. As of last year, homeowners were permitted to claim 30% of the cost of installation of a Solar Power System in Hawaii. With this taken into consideration, it is possible to recoup all equipment and installation costs within five to ten years.

It Now Costs Less to Go Solar

The expense of solar power has declined significantly within the past few years. Many homeowners who plan to sell in the future could make a great investment by outfitting the home with solar panels. These require little to no maintenance, because there are no moving components at risk of failure. Additionally, new solar panel designs have sleeker profiles that blend seamlessly with conventional roofs.

While many Hawaiian homeowners are still unconvinced as to the benefits of home solar power, the information given here can aid in the decision-making process. Those considering a conversion to solar power for the home may be able to elect to pay only for the power-;not for the panels-;which can bring a 20% or higher savings on monthly electric bills.

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