24-Hour Bail Bonds in Glendale Will Assist with a Loved One’s Release from Jail

If a loved one is charged with a misdemeanor or felony and is currently incarcerated, it can be overwhelming to determine how to raise the money necessary to post bail. A business that offers bonds in Glendale will assist the client with locating the inmate and seeking their release from jail.

Contact a Bondsman and Provide Details

If the client is unsure of the crime that the individual was charged with or is unsure of the location of a jail, they should contact a bondsman who provides 24-hour bail bonds in Glendale to receive help.

A bondsman who is employed at Sanctuary Bail Bonds or a similar business uses an inmate search service to locate an individual and will work diligently to post a bond.

Learn How a Bond Works

The person who is released from jail will be required to attend a formal court hearing. The date of the hearing will be provided upon the release. A bondsman will inform the client that the person who has the pending charge will have their bail revoked if they fail to attend their court hearing.

If this occurs, the individual will be rearrested and may face a stiffer penalty than what they were previously facing. Payments to a bondsman need to be made on time to maintain a business agreement with a bondsman.

Provide an Individual with Support

An individual who has been released from jail will likely need support while they are attempting to get their life back in order. Details about a bondsman and the payment plan should be provided so that the person who was charged can attempt to handle the financial obligation associated with the bondsman’s services.

A lawyer should be retained so that a defense case can be prepared prior to a hearing. Family members should support the person who was charged so that they remain composed during the court hearing.

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