2 Types Of Equipment To DIY Your Next Flooring Project

Are you thinking about remodeling your home? Are you thinking about upgrading your flooring to tile flooring? If you are, then you are probably wondering about the tools you will need during your flooring project. Today, we will discuss 2 types of tile cutters and their benefits.

Manual Cutter

One of the most important pieces of equipment or tool to use to tile your floors is a tile cutter. This particular tool will cut tiles precisely and accurately. Some tile cutters operate manually, where there is no electricity involved during its operation. It uses a carbide wheel to cut the tiles. There are also different types of manual cutters such as tile nippers, which are typically used when small or thin tiles are being utilized like mosaic tiles. A manual cutter is great if you don’t want to deal with excess noise or worry about your power bill.

Electric Tile Saws

Another type of equipment that is used to cut tiles are electric tile saws or cutters. If you are looking to tackle a large space quickly then an electric tile saw or cutter will benefit you. They typically come in two variations, dry or wet. A dry system is similar to a manual cutter as it will not use any type of liquid or lubricant to cut tiles. A wet system utilizes water and is used as a lubricant to cool down the blade while it is cutting the tiles. Wet systems are typically used on larger commercial grade ceramic tiles and with marble, stone, porcelain, or glass tiles.

These are to only mention the 2 types of tools needed to help you begin and complete your tile flooring project. Each type offers you a range of benefits, depending on your needs. Whichever you choose, also remember to purchase the necessary safety equipment for your tile project.

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