2 Reasons Why You Should Procure And Utilize A Tramp Oil Skimmer

Tramp oil or sump oil is an undesirable by-product. It is typically generated during metalworking operations. Both the industrial manufacturing and food preparation industries are two industries that generate large amounts of tramp oil. This particular type of contaminant becomes toxic waste if not properly handled. One particular type of equipment, a tramp oil skimmer, will help you increase production while minimizing waste without sacrificing safety. Here are 2 reasons why you should procure and utilizing this special type of equipment to handle and dispose of tramp or sump oil.


One of the main reasons why you should consider procuring and utilizing this specific type of oil skimmer to handle and help dispose of sump oil is for safety reasons. As mentioned, if sump oil is not handled adequately or properly, then it will become harmful and toxic waste. Using this equipment will also aid in controlling bacteria through aeration. So, use this special type of equipment to handle this contaminant safely.


Another reason why you should acquire and use a tramp oil skimmer is to help save on costs. This specific piece of equipment will extend coolant or wash water life by removing free-floating oils and suspended solids. This equates to saving time and saving money without sacrificing safety.

The Bottom Line

These are only to mention 2 reasons why you should procure and utilize a tramp oil skimmer for your industrial manufacturing business. Save time, save money, and safely process and dispose of tramp or sump oil by using this special type of equipment.

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