2 Reasons to Choose This Country Club for Your Wedding Venue in Illinois

Located just 22 miles west of Chicago, you will find a town called Downers Grove. This unassuming village is the very place that has encapsulated time and the traditional sentiments of days long passed. It is a place where every neighbor knows every neighborhood and is the very location where you intend to get married. Here are two reasons why you should choose this particular country club to host your upcoming wedding and reception.


Just like Downers Grove, you would likely want your special day to be memorable and timeless. One of the main reasons why you should choose this particular country club for your Downers Grove weddingsand reception venue is that it provides the perfect setting. This particular country club is set amidst lush greens and marvelous fairways, offering a magical setting for memories that will surpass time.

Quality Without the High Expense

Another reason why you should choose this particular country club to host your wedding and reception is that it offers the highest quality services and cuisine without the high expense. This means cost-saving benefits without sacrificing the quality of your special day.

The Best Country Club in Illinois

Perhaps you are excited to find out the name of the best country club for Downers Grove weddings and receptions. Visit Carriage Greens Country Club. They have been offering their exceptional services and excellent cuisine at their luxurious country club for over 50 years. So, when searching for the best country club in Illinois for Downers Grove weddings and receptions, Carriage Greens Country Club is the only country club you should contact. For more information, call or visit their website today.

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