2 Main Reasons for Hiring Bankruptcy Attorney in Topeka KS

There are people that view bankruptcy as the easiest way out of a tricky debt situation. If you have been overwhelmed by debt and you are not sure that you can repay your creditors in time, you can seek debt relief from the federal government. All you have to do is prepare yourself and file for bankruptcy. However, as mentioned, bankruptcy is not an easy way out of the debt situation. You have to take your time and make sure that you have done it right. Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney in Topeka KS is a vital first step. Here are reasons people hire lawyers:


First, the lawyer will look at your financial situation and help you decide whether you will do good filing for a chapter 7, 11 or 13. They have the knowledge and experience that helps them understand which situation will be the best deal for you. In case they look at your financial situation and realize that you may not qualify for any of the debt relief plans, they will suggest other options that can work just as well.

Guidance through the filing

You will need to enlist the help of a lawyer at least six months prior to filing. This is because, depending on the debt relief type you file for, there are preconditions. For instance, to file for bankruptcy:

1. You must have successfully attended a debt counseling session and attained the relevant certificate.
2. There must be evident that you have not filed for any other debt relief at least 180 days prior to the filing.
3. You must be willing to submit all the necessary financial documents. These will include your assets, the amount of debt that you owe your creditors, you income and expenditure.

Besides making sure that you do not make mistakes that will lead to your plea being turned down, they will also represent you throughout the litigation process. They will work together with your bankruptcy trustee and be with you until the point where you will be declared debt free.

These are reasons you shouldn’t file without getting the help of a Bankruptcy Attorney in Topeka KS. A good place to get a reliable and experienced lawyer to handle your case is visiting Joewlaw.com.

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