2 Advantages of Using a Crypto ATM Over Online Exchanges in Philadelphia

Have you been noticing that Ethereum is becoming more and more popular, causing more than an uptick in its value? Have you only been investing in altcoins but have decided that you will need to acquire Ethereum to ensure you do not lose out on its upward momentum? Are you looking for ways to acquire Ethereum without trading your altcoin holdings? If so, then here are two advantages of using an ATM over online exchanges.

Hold Your Alt Coins While Adding to Your Portfolio

One of the top advantages of using an ATM that is specifically used for cryptocurrency trading over online exchanges is that you can hold or “hold” your altcoins without having to trade them for Ethereum. You can add Ethereum to your investment portfolio by acquiring Ethereum through a cryptocurrency ATM that accepts cash.

Full Control Over Your Ethereum Holding

Another advantage of using a cryptocurrency ATM over an online exchange to acquire Ethereum is that using this type of ATM will provide you full control over your Ethereum holding. This means you will not have to worry about outages that plague online exchanges as you will be able to buy Ethereum in cash. Buying through an ATM will also allow you to transfer your Ethereum to a cold wallet or hardware wallet with ease.

Where to Buy Using Cash in Philadelphia

Perhaps you have decided to use an ATM and are now searching for the best Ethereum ATM in Philadelphia, PA, to use. Visit a RockItCoin Bitcoin ATM. You can purchase Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin using cash through their highly secure ATMs. So, when searching for an Ethereum ATM in Philadelphia, PA, that is well-known for being fast and secure, their ATMs are the best to use in the industry. Visit today to find the nearest ATM to you.

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