Go with an experienced credit card processor: Retriever Medical Dental Payments Inc.

Are you tired of credit card processors that OVER promise but UNDER deliver? At Retriever Medical Dental Payments Inc., we simply keep our work EVERY time. When we promise seamless compatibility, lower rates, and PCI compliance, we DELIVER. But don’t take our world for it, take it from our clients:

“Our office has been in business for a little over 5 years. As I am sure any other business who processes credit cards, we have been approached several times by several different banks promising to lower our fees and rates, asking us to switch and use them. Of course I wanted to save money but every time that we would try to switch, the new bank would never be compatible with Eaglesoft.

When… proposed Retriever, I was very skeptical. He promised lower rates, PCI compliance, and Eaglesoft integration. I was happily surprised to find out that everything was actually true! The integration with Eaglesoft is completely seamless. Our patients love the emailed receipts and our reports are easily accessible. (Retriever) even provided us with the credit card readers at no extra charge, and setup multiple computers to process payments with no additional fees. As soon as charges go through Retriever, accounts are updated in Eaglesoft. We can also set up automatically recurring payments, for those patients who are on a payment plan. Another great featuer is that Retriever has a ‘vault’ to save credit card info, which means any remaining balance on accounts can be automatically applied. We save time on collection phone calls, sending out statements and postage fees.

(Retriever’s) in-office training is at no additional charge and… always follows up with any questions and concerns in a timely manner. He is extremely friendly, keeps all of his promises and is a great person to have as your go-to credit card processing representative! Our office has had such a great experience… I have used (Retriever) in our new location – and he even suggested a different system they offer that saves us even more money…

Business Manager”

Go with a processor that will simply keeps their word: Retriever Medical Dental Payments Inc.

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