Non-Custodial Parents: Seeking Legal Help with Matters of Child Custody in Smithtown NY

During the first couple of years after the divorce, things went smoothly with the arrangements for Child Custody in Smithtown NY. Since then, the situation has deteriorated and the non-custodial parent wonders if the time has come to take some sort of action. Consulting with an attorney will make it easier to understand if action is warranted and what can be done to ensure the children continue to have access to both parents.

Withholding Visitation

One of the more common events that can arise is that the custodial parent begins to make excuses for why the kids cannot spend time with the non-custodial parent. At first, it may begin by swapping weekends so the kids can participate in certain community activities. Later, the list of excuses seems to grow and even being able to reach the kids by phone becomes harder. When attempts to talk with the custodial parent about the situation are met with hostility, it is best to back off and schedule a consultation with an attorney. In many cases, all it will take is a letter or a phone call from legal counsel to get things back on track.

Concerns About Child Safety

There is a new love interest in the life of the former spouse, which is fine. What is not so fine is that the kids seem to be suffering as a result. The new person around the house is dismissive of the kids at best, and in some cases acts in a manner that is not appropriate. Through it all, the custodial parent remains oblivious or downplays the incidents as being of no importance. Since the non-custodial parent is hearing something different from the kids, it is time to see if legal action is the right move.

The attorney can speak with each of the children and learn more about what is happening at home. Depending on the responses, there may be grounds for making some changes to which parent has permanent Child Custody in Smithtown NY.

For any non-custodial parent who is concerned about the welfare of the children, contact Patricia Issberner Attorney at Law today. After reviewing the specifics, it will be possible to provide advice that is aimed at making sure the children are protected and safe at all times.