Important Reasons to Participate in Metal Recycling in Nassau County NY

When it comes to Recycling Nassau County NY residents typically cash in their aluminum cans and set other recyclable materials out for municipal workers to pick up on a regular schedule. Many items aren’t accepted by municipalities for recycling, however, even if they can be converted into a usable form. That leaves residents wondering what to do with items like old metal coffeepots and toasters that no longer work.

Manufacturers Want Recycled Metal

Manufacturers want recycled aluminum, explaining why people can get enough cash for beverage cans to make saving them up worthwhile. However, manufacturers also want other metals, including copper, iron, and steel that people often have stashed away in their homes in the form of old, useless items.

How Consumers Can Participate in Recycling Metal

Regarding to Recycling Nassau County, NY residents can bring these things to a facility that accepts them, perhaps for a small amount of money by weight. They also have the option of renting a trash bin or small dumpster they can fill up with all sorts of junk and have carted away for a reasonable fee. The facility providing the container has workers to sort out the recyclable items from the garbage after they pick it up.

Important Reasons to Recycle Metal

Recycling metal is environmentally friendly because it allows companies to buy the materials without having to rely on mining and converting raw ore to a usable form. Not only is mining hard on the environment, but the process also costs manufacturers significantly more money than purchasing recycled metal does.

Another factor to consider is that mining jobs are some of the most dangerous occupations. The occupation of mining machine operator ranks sixth by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on its list of the country’s most dangerous jobs. Logging ranks first. Mining workers also are vulnerable to serious heat-related incidents.

Every year, metal mining jobs result in about five fatalities per year. By choosing to recycle with a company such as V. Garofalo Carting Inc., consumers encourage an increase in jobs in that industry and less reliance on the hazardous occupation of mining iron and aluminum ore.