Fall In Love With Granite Countertops, Lancaster County

If you are planning for a kitchen redesign, find some of the best granite countertops in Lancaster County. Granite countertops add style, look and functionality to your kitchen but they do come at a price. Let us look at some of the options, cost and maintenance associated with granite countertops.

Look and feel of granite countertops, Lancaster County

Granite countertops are made from granite slabs. You will need to choose the right slab based on the type of the stone, color, surface finish and the size needs for your kitchen.

Granite offers scratch resistance, stain resistance, heat resistance and versatility. It gives an expensive, glamorous look to the kitchen. They are available in various light or dark colors with lined patterns and randomly placed small and large crystals. Color and style are a personal choice but note that lighter granites are softer and will require multiple coats of sealer.

The surface of granite countertops are usually highly polished but matte finish is slowly gaining popularity. Surface finishes, like, ‘river wash’ or ‘flamed finish’, are textured and visually appealing.

Slab size is an important part for consideration. You should know the number of slabs and the thickness you need. If you pick a smaller size of slab for a larger kitchen, there might be more seams on your countertop.

Cost Considerations of Granite Countertops, Lancaster County

Cost depends on many factors of your selection. Make sure to shop around, get more than one estimate and ask about extra expenses.

* Color, edge finish, backslpash and size, they all change the price you will have to pay for the finished products.

* You will probably get a square foot price from the sellers. Make sure to ask them to include the price of edge details, templating, installation, sealing, adding backsplash and the finish of your choice. These extras will increase your basic sq ft price.

* You should be able to get a free estimate after the site evaluation.

* The average cost of granite countertops can vary from $2k to $8k or more depending upon your selection, so plan accordingly.

Maintenance Of Granite Countertops, Lancaster County

Granite countertops are scratch and stain resistance and are easy to maintain. Follow the simple guideline to keep them looking fresh and new.

* Wipe up spills immediately with mild soap and water, rinse it and dry with soft cloth.

* As per the manufacturer’s instructions, resealing might be necessary. You can use penetrating sealers or topical sealers that are available in the market. For penetrating sealers, apply the sealer; let it soak in for 3-4 minutes. Then apply little more sealer and rub it with a soft cloth. Apply a second coat after couple of hours. For topical sealers, they are thin films that can be applied to the top surface. Follow manufacturer’s recommendation on how to apply them to your granite countertops in Lancaster.

You can give your kitchen a new look by just adding granite countertops Lancaster county. For more information, go to buildingmaterialspa.com

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