Auto Repair is No Longer a Do-It-Yourself Enterprise

There was a time when the idea of taking your car somewhere to get the oil changed was less common than today. Many people did their own maintenance, be it belts and hoses, oil changes, brakes or tire rotations. Many people even did major car repairs themselves, replacing mufflers, valve cover gaskets, starters or carburetors in their spare time. Nowadays, auto repair is best left to the professionals such as ASE Certified Technicians when considering the complexity of vehicle systems.

Simple Maintenance
There is really no such thing as simple maintenance on a car made in the computer era. Even something as simple as an air filter can be challenging now— for example, changing an air filter on a Chevy HHR involves removing a dozen star screws, two hoses and a PCV filter. Most vehicle maintenance is better left to the professionals.

Major Overhauls
In addition, fixing major problems with a car is something that should be left to ASE Certified Technicians. Even diagnosing a problem can be time consuming and without the diagnostic equipment – may be impossible. Diagnosing a problem in your vehicle may now involve plugging the car into a computer and reading an error code. Simple? Not really. Once you know what the problem is, you need to find out why the problem is occurring. In the old days, you could pull out the Chilton’s Guide or Haynes Manual for a given car and follow the instructions to do anything from a tune-up to replacing a transmission. Those guides still exist, but the instructions are far from simple. Even with the added help of the YouTube do-it-yourself video (there’s one for everything these days), chances are it’s much easier to take your vehicle to an ASE Certified Technician at a trusted a auto repair shop.

Knowing when to hire a professional is a true mark of common sense in the modern world. If you’re ready to display your common sense by hiring an ASE Certified Auto Repair Technician , visit today to meet northern Virginia’s automotive experts.